Our stainless steel trench drains have been installed in Niagara Water, and are in the process of being installed in the new CJ Foods manufacturing facility in Beaumont, California.

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And always for a great price! We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience about the many different applications for stainless steel in the commercial plumbing industry and collaborate with you on your next construction project! We thrive on communicating with and exchanging interesting ideas and solutions to the unique problems that we encounter each and every day, and always appreciate that despite our many years of experience, there is always something new to learn from each of our clients, and the bond that is forged after a job well done. The Wicketts Stainless Team looks forward to the prospect of future business with you!

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Regardless of the size or cost of the project. Wicketts Stainless had a humble beginning, the start of which would never had been possible if not for the support of our friends and families, and the leap of faith taken by those first few customers that decided to give us the chance to prove ourselves. We never want to lose sight of what’s best for you. As Wicketts Stainless grows and expands, we will never forget how we started: with a few, enthusiastic individuals who believed in the value of hard work and customer interaction. Whether you talk to Wicketts Stainless today, tomorrow or ten years from now, these values will still hold true – and that’s a promise we are ready to keep.

At  Wicketts Stainless is to approach every job with an open mind, and to treat every client with the same high standard of care and respect.

​We Take Pride in Our Work

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